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Osric Chau, Ladies and gentlemen.


#SaveInTheFlesh - Sunday 10pm UK time - let’s grab the BBC’s attention!

Hello fellow In The Flesh fans! Wow, there are a lot of us now, aren’t there?

So, we all want series 3. Unfortunately, it’s not a done deal. To make sure we’re perfectly clear in letting the BBC know we’re behind the show, we propose that on Sunday night at 10pm UK time, we all start talking about #saveintheflesh


  • We all create a post - this isn’t about likes and reblogs, this is a show of numbers. It could be a bit of fan art you’ve made, your favourite quote, a picture of your favourite character, or even just one of the images above
  • Here are screencaps for images and here are the scripts for quotes
  • In the caption, say how much you like the show and that you want another series
  • Mention BBC Three’s tumblr account in the caption so they get a notification when you publish. To do this, simply include “@ bbcthree” without the space. This is important - we want them to see
  • Tag it saveintheflesh
  • Schedule it for 10pm UK time on Sunday night


  • Go and write on BBC Three’s facebook page that you want a new series


  • tweet #saveintheflesh at BBC Three
  • after creating your own tweet, retweet a few others from the tag a few minutes later

Timing is everything here people! If we all work together at the same time, we can send a strong, united message of support for the show to the BBC. If we’re lucky, we might even trend.

Remember: Sunday 22nd June 10pm UK time

Spread the word!


stupid zombie boyfriends


there are literally two simple steps to cosplaying Simon

  1. find big ugly jumper and put it on
  2. find big ugly coat and put it on over the jumper
  3. that’s it
  4. you’re done

Kieren Walker + up close and personal

Now that I have finished In The Flesh I will reblog a line of gifsets and spoil all of it for everyone so sorry not sorry

respect existence or expect resistance

respect existence or expect resistance